We found the most beautiful palm trees growing in an untouched area of the island Ko Tao in Thailand. Unfortunately, there used to grow a lot more palm trees only 10 years ago. The changes on our planet because of overconsumption in every aspect are alarming. Here are a few key facts:

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Our generation only experienced growth, no resistance. The current level of food production, food processing and its availability is at an all-time high – which our children and grandchildren will have to pay for in some way. In Germany, we dump 30,000,000 kg of food every day, a third of all available food in our country. (www.bzfe.de)

Right now it is very likely that our grandchildren won’t be living in a presence of pure growth and wealth. Having this in mind, I am often wondering, how will it feel to talk about the old days to our grandchildren, when we had so much food that we could afford to taste everything and dump a third of it?


We process 12,6 Mio tons of plastic per year in Germany and amounts are increasing. 30% of it goes to the ocean. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is 3 times the size of Spain, and in 2018, scientists found plastic particles in human stool for the first time.

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Since when do we accept eating plastic and feeding plastic to our children? We can do better than this!


The yearly carbon emission worldwide hit an all-time high of 37bn tons in 2018. As a comparison, in the year 2000 we only emitted 24bn tons of fossil CO2. During the same time, every year made it to the list of the hottest years ever recorded, the trend is upward. Furthermore, it has not pass one year without several major natural catastrophes on our planet in recent years, primarily due to climate change.

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In my opinion, Bernie Sanders comparison of the climate change with a military attack is on point: We would never sit back and watch a military attack as we sit back and watch the climate change happening and attacking our planet and our people!

Alex and I strongly believe that it is our generations duty to talk and reflect about climate change, consumption and equality and to improve ourselves constantly. Because we find that this is not always easy in our high standard society and era of opportunities and travel (which we love!), we have started to research and blog about daily hacks on how to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. Stay tuned :)