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It is fact that only taking one flight increases your personal CO2 footprint tremendously. It is frustrating, as if all the cycling the whole year was for nothing. The good news is, there are alternatives.

Today we know better than ever in human history how devastating the effects of our modern lifestyle are for our planet. To reach the Climate Goals of Paris, every person on the planet has to stay below 2.3 ton CO2 emissions every year. The sad story is, that taking a round trip from Hamburg to Barcelona already accounts for 600 kg of CO2 per Person, or for 25% of our yearly CO2 budget.

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Let’s be real, it is quite unrealistic to stop taking flights for the majority of us. Taking a plane allows us to travel to far away destinations, to save time and to simply keep in touch with family and friends in our globalized lifestyles.

We believe, that there are two To Do’s we should seriously consider to mitigate the destructive effect of flying:

First of all, let's think about alternative ways of traveling and consider alternative destinations: Is there a train or bus? Are there vacation destinations closer to me that are interesting? Am I really saving time or is this an illusion?

If there is no alternative for a flight, there is the company Atmosfair. They offer realistic ways to compensate for our lifestyle. This for sure should not be a free ride invitation for clean-conscience flying, but it is better than doing nothing.

Dr. Dietrich Brockhagen founded the company in  2005. He wanted to find an alternative for the majority of us that won’t be willing or able to completely quit flying. Atmosfair allows you to calculate your emissions per flight, it proposes a monetary compensation that will be invested in sustainability projects in developing countries.

On the companies website there is a lot of information about green traveling, what can be compensated and the projects Atmosfair is investing in. I highly recommend to take a look and to consider compensating your next unavoidable flight.

Alex and my resolution for this year is to start exploring our own country and to compensate the flights we don’t want to avoid through Atmosfair. A Barcelona to Hamburg roundtrip for example can be compensated for approx. 16€, it is worth it!