Our weekend trip was about exploring the countryside of Wendland and breathing the air of a region that has a strong history of resisting destruction and leveraging the energy of change. Wendland - you are beautiful!

In the 80s, the people of the region, many farmers, families and a few land barons formed the beginning of the broad anti nuclear waste protest movement that became the center of identity for the Wendland. To increase coverage, the yearly culture festival "Kulturelle Landpartie" was founded and every year end of May to beginning of June, artists, garden lovers and activists open their doors and celebrate the energy of the region where everybody is welcome.

We took our bikes on the train from Hamburg to Uelzen from where we started our family tour, together with Sinas parents and aunt. We biked more than 40 km in a day, through the most beautiful fields and landscapes.

The highlights of our tour: Meuchefitz, an alternative cultural center with a restaurant where everybody pays according to their wallet. In Corvin we shot bow and arrow for the first time and had loads of fun and in the secret garden near Bussau we started dreaming about gardening ourselves. A tour through Wendland is all about enjoying the unique culture and collecting impressions.

For more information about Kulturelle Landpartie check out their website: www.kulturelle-landpartie.de